Now offering a 16 session online course

Additional Information

In light of the recent events due to the Covid 19 outbreak we are now effectively able to provide an online group which will meet the needs of each family.  This spring we were forced to transition online with our three current groups.   It has gone very well.  We were able to access materials from the program at UCLA which enabled a smooth transition.  With the current state of unknowns this option will provide:

-Quality teaching and supervision that allows participants to continue to develop socially despite social distancing practices

-Power points and video role plays for each lesson

-Breakout room's online with support of our coaches for teens to practice behavioral rehearsals

-Virtual get togethers assigned with other group members to keep teens interactional skills improving over the summer 

-The same extra support parents receive in their social coaching endeavor as they would receive in our office-based program

-Extra weekly coaching calls with teens and parents

-Convenience of not having to travel and offering those outside the Denver Metro area access to the most effective social skills interventions that are offered

Starting this Summer

*We are also offering a discount for the online course that may help families during this challenging time.