PEERS® Denver Weekend Bootcamps

Bully Proofing Bootcamp Online May 2020

The effects of bullying on children can be devastating. Most bullying prevention programs in schools often focus on interventions towards stopping the bullying behaviors or perpetrators as opposed to teaching those vulnerable to bullying how best to protect themselves.  This weekend workshop will teach students, parents, and professionals proven methods, based on research, on how to combat these difficult and uncomfortable (often traumatic) experiences.  Skill building in the areas of dealing with teasing, physical bullying, cyberbullying, rumors and gossip, and handling arguments prepare teens with concrete steps to increase their resilience around this type of social pressure.  Each of these situations call on different strategies to best respond and it's vital that both students and adults understand what shows to work the best!

We are planning to create the workshop online that will provide children the same preparation and skills they would receive from in person instruction.   We will be breaking up the training in 3 two hour instructional sessions in May, 2020 and a one hour refresher and review in August before starts again.

Dating Bootcamp 2020

This two day workshop will help prepare teens and young adults with the basic, yet detailed, steps to assist them to improve skills that will make the dating experience more adaptable.  This workshop is open to parents and professionals as well. The topics covered will be improving conversational skills, letting someone know you like them, asking someone on a date, going on dates, and dating do's and don'ts.


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